About Us

Israeli  Voice is here to support the state of Israel and its right to exist and to defend its Citizens from the genocidal Islamic terrorism that its people fight every day.

This will not be a platform i any way shape or form for Anti-Semites to spout their facist Nazi Style propoganda after all such folk already have the help of  The UN,The EU,The Media and The ''International Community'' whoever they are to help them spout this kind of racist trash.


So those opposed to Israels right to exist dont ever bother contributing to this site you are not welcome go tell it to The Biased UN or The BBC or one of the many other Anti - Semetic worldwide  terrorist appreciation societies.


Well how very undemocratic of Me you might say well I realised a long time ago that dialogue with the extreme politically correct socialist/ leftists/ liberal/ middle class terrorist loving knuckle draggers is a waste of my intellect.

debate is one thing Nazi Propoganda is another.


however if you wish to debate any issues on this website in a civilised manner without the use of bad language or even disagree if you  do so in a courteous way you are welcome this works both ways in debate.

Opinions are not always fact bias is also not fact revisionism is sheer dishonesty if you are truly educated you will desire to discover the truth if all you desire is to promote hatred and lies go to a childrens site this site is for adults.


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